Our Mission & Our Goals

Our Mission

The mission of Immanuel Lutheran School is to prepare children for life.
(Life here on earth and also eternal life)

Our Goals

Goals for Children:
  • Children will show competency in social/emotional, physical, cognitive, language and literacy development skills.
  • Children will be enthusiastic and curious learners.
  • Children will be safe and healthy.
  • Children will discover the wonder of God’s world.
  • Children will acknowledge Jesus in their daily life as their friend and Savior.
Goals for Families:
  • Families will feel welcome in the classroom and school.
  • Families will work with the school in a meaningful partnership to help their children be better prepared to learn to read and write.
  • Families will be advocates (plead, defend, maintain) for their children.
  • Families will discover the wonder of God's world.
  • Families will show their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior in their own daily life.